Jesica Carson Davis grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and lived in various cities including Brooklyn, Berlin, Chicago, and Sydney before moving to Denver, where she works remotely as a technical writer for a software company. Her work has appeared in The Laurel Review, Storm Cellar, Stoneboat, Zone 3, Columbia Poetry Review, After Hours, and other places. Her chapbook “Uttanasana” was published by StillBlackWater Press, and she is a finalist for Pilgrimage Press’s Tarantula Prize for Poetry.

She studied poetry at the University of Illinois, and continued her education with workshops at The New School, NYU, and Poets House. Jesica worked as a typesetter for the University of Chicago Press, learned bookbinding at Columbia College, was the final Alice Maxine Bowie Fellow at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and is an Editorial Assistant for Inverted Syntax literary journal.

Her obsessions include the identification and transgression of borders and the performative nature of sequins. She's currently working on several manuscripts of poetry and an ongoing project making poemboxes, which sculpturally interpret her writing. 



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