Published work

"Lament of the Preschool Teacher’s Wife" won Pilgrimage Press’s Tarantula Prize for Poetry!

"Dreams and Aspirations Ritual for Orchestral Collaboration" essay will appear in Trembling Pillow Press’s Esoteric Anthology (Spring, 2019).

"How to Talk About Trauma" and "Not to Describe but to Embody" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Inverted Syntax.

"Souvenirs of Interplanetary Travel," "Creating Distance Where There Was None Before," and "Transfusion" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Stain'd Magazine.

"In the Garden" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Another Chicago Magazine.

“State of Change” appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Inverted Syntax.

"The Rest of Us" appeared in the Vol. 50 Issue 2 (Winter 2017-2018) of The Laurel Review.

"Residue" and "Measuring Pressure: Black Ice in a Red Car" appeared in Issue 35 (Winter 2018) issue of After Hours.

"Drawing (Out) the Poem" appeared in issue 6.3 (Winter 2018) of Storm Cellar.

"Cleaning out the Car" appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of Stoneboat.

"Mango" appeared in the 30th anniversary 2017 issue of Columbia Poetry Review.

"To Dust" appeared in the "Ink & White Space" issue (vol. 40, issue 3) of Pilgrimage, Spring 2017. Watch a video of "To Dust".

"Cycle" appeared in Zone 3, Fall 2015.

"Saving What Is Lost in Translation" appeared in Chronogram, June 2007.

Seven poems appeared in Subsystence Magazine(defunct), 2005.

"Asthma" appeared in No East Magazine (defunct), 2003.

"Uttanasana" chapbook published by StillBlackWater Press, June 1998.

Three poems appeared in Montage Literary Arts Journal, Spring 1997.


Visual poetry

“Cipher” geoboard poem appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Inverted Syntax.

Poembox project, 2016-present.

A poembox appeared in an exhibition when Claudia Rankine lectured on her book Citizen: An American Lyric in Denver, November, 2017.

Multi-media poem "Helicopters" appeared in Subsystence, 2005.

Three "El Haiku" appeared with photographs in No East, 2003 -- mirrored on me3dia.




Taught an assemblage workshop on making poemboxes at Redline, in conjunction with Denver Talks, enabled by Lighthouse Writers Workshop, the City & County of Denver, and the NEA Big Read, 2017; read a writeup of a class.

Talk on "Organizing Your Poetry: Process and Practice" given at Lighthouse, April 2017. More here.


Readings & performances

Showed and performed my "Trans(ubstantiation)" poembox at Leon Gallery talent show, Denver, CO, May 2018.

Performed an original piece with Stratus Chamber Orchestra, written for collaboration on the "Dreams and Aspirations" concert in Denver, CO, February, 2018 (watch a video or listen to a recording of the performance).

Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship closing reading at Lighthouse, Denver, CO, December 2017 (listen to a recording in aiff).

Reading at Grand Lake, CO, July 2017.

Reading at LitFest, Denver, CO, June 2017.

Poetry reading at Lighthouse, Denver, CO, October 2016 (listen to a recording in aiff).

Gapers Block reading, Chicago, IL, June 2003.

Poetry reading for release of Uttanasana chapbook with StillBlackWater Press, Ann Arbor, MI, June 1998.

Poetry reading at "For Your Head" rave, Champaign-Urbana, IL, July 1998.